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Restaurant hôtel Punta Lara

L'ATLANTIDE restaurant

Welcome to l’Atlantide, an exceptional gourmet and convivial destination where exquisite flavours meet an unforgettable culinary experience.

Nestling in the heart of the pine forest, l’Atlantide is much more than a restaurant: it offers a sensory journey through refined dishes inspired by local seafood and delights.

Our chef Stéphane GOURAULT and his team, guided by their quest for excellence, invite you to explore a carefully crafted menu showcasing exceptionally fresh ingredients. From the catch of the day to carefully selected local produce, each dish is a harmonious fusion of flavours, presented with stunning artistic creativity.

Restaurant hôtel Punta Lara


Delight your taste buds
with a sea view

Welcome to our table, where indulgence becomes inspiration. Immerse yourself in a comforting and convivial culinary experience, where each dish tells a story with finesse and generosity. At l’Atlantide, discover a gourmet cuisine that awakens your senses.

Restaurant hôtel Punta Lara
Terrasse hôtel Punta Lara


Opening times

We look forward to welcoming you for a moment of sharing and indulgence. Don’t hesitate to book your table and contact us for any specific requests.

Monday to Sunday:
Lunch: 12:15 pm - 2 pm
Dinner: 7:15 pm - 9 pm

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